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"We first make our habits, then our habits make us." - John Dryden

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” The patriots blood is the seed of freedom's tree."

 ― Thomas Campbell

Afternoon Light

Hi, I’m Elyse

A mental health advocate, author, & military spouse! 

Welcome! I believe you are not here by accident. My hope and prayer is that whether you are a military spouse or not, that you would be deeply encouraged in the Lord! 

I have never been one to sugar coat things. I believe it's important to be open and vulnerable about things that we military spouses are all going through as individuals, and as parents alike. This journey is never an easy one, but as cliche as this might sound, you are not alone, and I mean it! 

Let's focus on today. The here. The right now. That's all we can do, and that is ok. I am a mom of 3 beautiful children. I am a proud wife to a UH-60 Blackhawk pilot. I am a published author of Kindness is MY Superpower! I am a God-fearing flesh and blood woman, who desires to bring the truth & love of the gospel to anyone that would hear. 

There is hope! Follow me on my journey, comment, reach out, I would love to hear from you! May God be with you and give you all the tools you need to hold down the fort "a.k.a." your home, your health, & your family on the front. You are capable, strong, loved and known by God. You got this! 

Life is a gift and the Giver is good!

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