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Take them to church

A good reminder for myself…

Take them to church military spouse…

When you feel paralyzed by emotion, take them to church.

When you are bone tired, take them to church.

When you are by yourself, take them to church.

If the weather stinks, take them to church.

If you have to get up extra early just to get everyone ready- do it! And then… take them to church.

When everyone is fighting and it feels so impossible… get out of the house and take them to church.

Get out of your house, you know you need to, and take them to church.

We are good at coming up with excuse after excuse as to why I don’t “feel” like going to church today… so I won’t. We will say anything sometimes to justify why we are right, in choosing not to go.

But when you do go, isn’t it amazing to be around other people? Sometimes we all need a loving push to make a decision that will greatly benefit our kids and us. We need connection. We need people. Don’t give up.

Being around other believers, will help encourage us and ensure our survival in this military life for the long haul. You are not alone. You are deeply loved, cherished, and known by the most amazing Creator of the Universe! You got this!

Do the hard things, push through any fear so your kids will not inherit that fear. Let the thoughts, beliefs, and hearts of your precious children be shaped by morals, love and truth from God’s Word. Expect more than just attending a service. Get over self. Yourself might just be standing in the way of something greater than you could ever imagine! Your kids are worth your investment and deposit of…

Take them to church.

With all my love, I only say this in love.


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